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Winter Spokesmodel Photoshoot |Sterling, NY| with Team22

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

STP Wolcott, NY Spokesmodels

Our winter photoshoot is inspired by the handiwork of Jessica Washburn. She crochet's these amazing items from the winter hats we used for this photoshoot to sweaters and animals and much much more. Click here to link to her page and support her! Thank you, Jessica for donating these hats for the photoshoot and to the girls! They are beautiful and the girls loved them!

I thought I had to cancel the winter photoshoot for Spokesmodel Team22. The plan was to have it at Fair Haven Beach State Park, Fair Haven, NY. However, at the beach it was super windy and cold. Luckily, one of the moms of my spokesmodel team was able to let me use her beautiful property, and she was nearby. Score!

I just wanted to get some winter, snowy portraits by large pine trees, play with snow, and have fun. The snow decided to cooperate that day, and I'm so glad it did.

I can't say it was fun trekking through the deep snow. I think I fell at least four times during this photoshoot. I tend to do this even when there's no snow, so it's no surprise when my entire bottom half was freezing cold and wet at the end. Oh the joys of a photographer!

So we started at the trees, and I had them get right in the middle of it and start posing. I love how the green of the trees contrasts with their clothing and with the snow on the ground. What do you think? Leave me a comment!

Check out the video above on instagram of Lilly and her journey through the winter photoshoot.

Also follow me @ShanonTessierPhotography on instagram to see more.

Then we decided to play with scarves or whatever we had on hand and hide behind them, because why not? Plus these two girls really have amazing eyes and I wanted that to be the focus for some of the photos.

See the video above for Ella's journey through the winter photoshoot.

Next we headed towards the tall grass and gazebo. I love the texture of this type of tall grass! You can see how windy it was with the movement of the grass. The gazebo gave them a chance to sit down and get out of the snow, that was really starting to come down at that point. Plus with the colored lights it was a super charming spot.

The sun was just starting to set, so I had them get in front of it to get some great shots with the snow flying, plus I love the sun flares! Who else loves sun flares?

Then to just have a little fun we got on the swings.

I fell down at some point here too but it was worth it with the snow coming down like it was.

Would you do a winter family photoshoot or senior photoshoot? Comment and tell me why yay or nay!

All of us went inside about halfway through the photoshoot to warm up. Be sure to check my other post about how to STAY warm during a winter photoshoot and what to wear to make sure you don't freeze! I will link the blog post to this one below.

Just a reminder!! My Team23 Spokesmodel program is accepting application and closes MAY 2nd and there will be a model informational meeting a week after where you can learn more and decide if this is something you want to do during your senior year. Here is the link to the application

Thanks for reading and follow me to see more photoshoots and tips and tricks!

Warmly (cause we need it right now, am I right?),




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