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Team22's Vintage Bathing-suit Photoshoot |Fair Haven Beach State Park, NY|

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Photoshoot: This was our vintage swimwear bathing suit photoshoot.

Location: Fair Haven Beach State Park, Fair Haven, NY

Eyelashes: Jesse of Aspen

I've always had this obsession with all things vintage or antique. I think fashion comes around. I mean just look at the acid washed jeans that are in style that used to be in style in the 80's! So I was suuuupppppeeeerrr PUMPED to have this photoshoot.

I asked the girls to purchase swimwear that was 1950's type themed swimwear, wear makeup and hair styles that would also be around the era. 50's makeup is typically clean, classic and like a bold red or pink lip. Each girl did their own hair & makeup with directions from me. They did an a great job with this and I couldn't have been more proud or excited how much they are grown as a team!

We first started with a colorful umbrella and just had fun with it. The colors were fun and each one did an amazing job holding up this REALLY BIG and really HEAVY umbrella.

Next we posed on the rocks and played with the vintage sunglasses they wore.

It's just fun to play around and we imitated that famous Charlie's angels pose. These girls seriously are the BEST!

Next, we headed to play in the sand, with our vintage radios borrowed from a friend of Ella's family. He had two different types of radios and generously let me use them. Thank you so much Andrew and Mr. MacArthur for letting us use them for this photoshoot! We had some vintage glass coke bottles, although I prefer PEPSI, this is what I could find. With the cutest paper straws!

Then finally we headed into the water to play with floats, and splash! With a couple fun "bloopers" at the end.

These last two photos were a little of our bloopers- and so fun! OUR next photoshoot- it involves a blacklighlight and some UV paint and makeup! Stay tuned for that right around Halloween!

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Here's a video of the photoshoot! and follow along on Instagram!

So what was your favorite photo and why? Comment, share and if you know someone who is a JUNIOR this year and a senior for 2023, forward them this because soon there will be openings for the NEXT senior model team!!

Thanks for reading,

❤️ Shanon

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Haley Bibee
Haley Bibee
22. Sept. 2021

I love the rainbow umbrella as the background!

Gefällt mir
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