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Three Reasons Why You Should Join a Senior Spokesmodel Team in Wolcott, NY

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

So you are a junior this year looking for your senior photographer. You may be thinking for a while now about your senior photos. You want them to be unique, stylish and about you. You may just be thinking about signing up with a photographer and be done with the process. So why the heck should I join? HINT- The benefits!

1. 👉Meeting New People

You will get to know some new girls in the area by joining. The shoots we will do will be TEAM photoshoots with you interacting with one another. There may be girls from another school or even maybe your close friend to do this with you! Throughout the end of your junior/senior year there will be 3 to 4 photoshoots you can learn about each other, have fun and interact.

2. 👉Gaining Confidence in Yourself and Who You Are

I know you take selfies & videos. Whether is is at home, with food, with your friends, videos of you dancing and goofing around. What if you could learn the best angles, how to pose effectively and gain confidence in those areas? Be confident in how you are with your unique look no matter what size you are? The confidence in being the person that you are, feeling good about how you look with help you in other areas of your life.

Another confidence booster is the self-defense class that we do as a senior rep team. It will help to feel confident when you go to college or visit an unknown city. You don’t know who is out there and sometimes that can be scary. You meet a lot of new people in your first year of college and you want to know how to be safe and defend yourself if something unthinkable happened?

These statistics are taken from Rochester Regional Coalition Against Human Trafficking (

“In Monroe County, from January 2014 through February 2015, there were 120 youth referred as possible victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children:

67 (56%) received services
53 (44%) verbally declined or were referred only for identification purposes
Of those 120 youth,
12 were identified as Tier 1 (Law Enforcement identified)
18 as Tier 2 (Community or Agency identified)
90 as Tier 3 (Community or Agency referral)
Of the 90 Tier 3 youth,
26 youth (29%) had 15 or more indicators of trafficking (i.e. engaging in commercial sex acts, over-sexualized behavior, Shows evidence of mental, physical, or sexual abuse, History of homelessness or throwaway youth.)
28 youth (31%) had 10 or more
64 youth (71%) had 3 or more
(the youth with 15 or more indicators are included in all 3 categories, the youth with 10 or more are also included in the 3 or more category)”

I’m working on and I am hoping to partner with RRCAHT and the self defense class next year and do this self defense class. Possibly through a donation to them to create an awareness about this and help them and also seniors. I care about high seniors and their parents and want you as a senior in high school to feel a little more prepared for anything in the future.

3. 👉It’s much MUCH more than just Senior Photos!

As a high school senior photoshoot you get your 1 to 2 hour session, consultations and artwork.

🔥 As a senior rep model you get to be a part of an EXCLUSIVE team of girls that take several photoshoots, meet new people, makeup & skincare help, help others, gain confidence, a BEST FRIEND mini shoot AND a family session have fun and be a part of the CREATIVE process ON TOP OF you senior photos! AND MUCH MUCH MORE!

If this is SOMETHING you or someone you know would be interested in, please learn more about the program and apply here!

⭐️Application only be accepted and decided up until April 26th, 2021.⭐️

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I hope to meet you soon!


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