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Huron, NY- Team22's Boho Styled Photoshoot

Updated: Mar 28, 2022


So we started off with a theme of BOHO and went with it. If you aren't sure what boho is, it's usually it's flowing & relaxed type of clothing that can include layers and different textures.

We had our photoshoot with the cliffs in the background in a spot where not many people know about unless you are local or happen to stumble upon it. The cliffs can be this dark and beautiful orange color during the evening or light and almost beige looking in the daytime. I thought this was the perfect free flowing setting for our photoshoot.

So I gave my spokesmodels guidelines for their clothing, hair, accessories and makeup. It was fun to see the ideas that they came up with and I am soooooo excited to show you the outcome! The girls were totally blessed to have several women who donated products to use for these photoshoots.

⭐️Eyelashes donated by Jesse from Aspen

Jess from Aspen sells many things like eyelashes that she donated for the girls to use, nails and makeup. These lashes were so amazing that I bought a pair myself. There are several different types of lashes and she even has some FuNkY ones you can purchase. Click HERE to follow her, look at all she offers and give her some love!

Plunder Jewelry donated by Susan has many different types of jewelry from necklaces (as you see on Lilly) and earrings (that you see on Ella) and have this boho vibe to most of the pieces. Check her out, give her some love for the items she donated. They are affordable and beautiful pieces of jewelry. She has a Facebook group you can follow along HERE with and see the new pieces too!

colorSTREET nails donated by Leslie are seen on Ella below and there are so MANY different styles, colors and are so much easier than applying regular old nail-polish! I love these nails myself and am a LITTLE obsessed with them! I think I have like 25 pairs (shhhhh don't tell my husband) 🤣🤣 colorSTREET nails are constantly adding new styles, designs, glitters and if you love French tips they sell those too!

Barn Blooms flowers by Carrie are seen in the last two sets of photos. Her flowers are beautiful and I plan on purchasing them for people I know of special occasions or even just to put on my own table. I highly recommend buying them locally so you know they will last a lot longer than buying them elsewhere.

First is Lilly! She decided to go with a dress which I was SO happy about. FREE flowing and beautiful! These sets of photos were done by the cliffs and water.

NEXT is Ella's turn! She got creative and mixed colors, textures, jewelry and a hat. I think the hat was my favorite part. Hats are so fun to use on photoshoots and they give a totally different look to outfits when you add them.

👉👉Credit for products used are eyelashes by Aspen from Jesse The nails are colorSTREET nails from Leslie and the earrings are donated by Susan from Plunder.

This next two parts are so amazing! I love this creative flower arrangement from Carrie at Barn Blooms! She did an amazing job and donated her seasonal flowers that she grows. She is the sweetest person and these flowers lasted FOREVER for me. I had some leftover from the photoshoot and they sat on my table looking beautiful for about a week and a half! I highly recommend you get these as gifts for others or even for yourself. She is local here and has a stand you can pick up these beautiful arrangements! Check out her website! The eyelashes are from Jesse at Aspen and Leslie from colorSTREET donated the nails you see on Ella. She also donated nails to Lilly but they will be on the next photoshoot. You see the jewelry donated by Susan from Plunder which is the necklace on Lilly and the earrings on Ella!

This last part I think was so fun! They both had water splashing in their eyes but were good sports about it. It was so fun to see them gain confidence through these photoshoots and I love how they turned out.

So if you want to see the NEXT Team22 spokesmodel photoshoot then follow me here on my mailing list!

What was your favorite photo? Check out my INSTAGRAM and follow for some behind the scenes from this photoshoot.

Thanks for reading,

❤️ Shanon


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