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Image by Courtney Hedger

The People Who Support Team22

This is a list of vendors that donated their time, money, and or resources to make STP Team22 better and helped support the girls with gifts from their hearts. Please show love to them by ordering from these vendors!


Red Aspen

For our boho photoshoot, Jesse generously donated eyelashes for the girls and was EXTRA and gave them a discount for more eyelashes for this year!  She gave them everything they needed, the eyelashes, the glue, the scissors, and the eyeliner. Thank you! Shop by clicking below for lashes, dashes & makeup!


Peanut's Pretty Things

Jessica has generously donated hats for our girl's winter photoshoot.  She does MANY different types of items from gloves, scarves, hats, sweaters, blankets, stuffed animals and other custom items.  Please show your love by thanking her and check out her page below!



Color Street Nails

Leslie generously donated color street nails to the girl for their boho photoshoot and some accent nails! Thank you, Leslie!  She sells nail polish overlays, sparkly, solid, designs and seasonal nails. You will love them! Shop the link below!


Barn Blooms

Carrie generously gave flowers for the boho photoshoot for the girls.  These flowers are beautiful and local too! Click on the link to shop! Thank you Carrie! Please show some love by ordering or picking up flowers from her today!

Michelle (Shanon).jpg


Mary Kay Makeup

Michelle generously donated lipstick to the girls and also teaching a class on skincare and makeup for the girls! Thank you for donating the makeup and taking the time to teach the girls what is best for their skin and face!  Shop from her link below!

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