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Welcome Senior Spokesmodel Team22! |Wolcott, NY|

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

This year I started a passion of mine. I oftentimes have these crazy thoughts and ideas running through my head and can't sleep at night. I usually open up my notes in my phone and what I call brain dump all these ideas so my brain can turn off and go to sleep. Can you relate? I didn't know how to put it into action until I came across Senior Spokesmodel teams. So a senior spokesmodel team, or what my team this year is called, TEAM22, is a group of junior high school girls going into their senior year. They NOT only get a senior session but a TON of extra added benefits to represent my business for their senior year. EVERYTHING from styled photoshoots, to a self-defense class to ready them for college to makeup and skincare also. With a chance to earn more rewards throughout the year. How this works is girls can apply in the early spring of the junior year to be accepted into this exclusive program. If you want to learn more go HERE. Applications won't open back up until January 2022 for seniors graduating in 2023 and spots are VERY limited.

So meet this year's small but MIGHTY TEAM! Ella and Lilly. I couldn't be happier that they were picked (and recommended) by other people.

We had several events already but the ones I took photos of are the Meet & Greet and when they got t-shirts as a EXTRA bonus from me to wear after their makeup and skin-care class with Mary Kay Representative Michelle Loperfido. We also created a video to go along with the photoshoot to share. Click Below to see the video we made at the Meet & Greet and follow me on instagram!

They both are the sweetest girls! I can't wait to see how they transform, gain confidence and totally CRUSH their senior year this year. If you want to follow along sign up to receive these blog messages or email me HERE to join my newsletter where the when I have any special events, specials, advice on how to prepare for your photoshoots, blog posts or interesting tidbits about my business come out. I would love to add you to it and you can follow along.

Next we did a t-shirt photoshoot right after our skincare and makeup Class with Mary Kay Rep Michelle Loperfido. Of course we had more snacks, and got to learn more about skin care, makeup and try it all out. I even learned I had been putting on eye liner the wrong way myself! I had a lot of fun with the girls and I hope they did too. Here is a couple of shots from the t-shirt photoshoot afterwards!

So what's NEXT?

I am glad you asked! COMING up will be all about the BOHO photoshoot , then a little later be on the lookout for the VINTAGE bathing suit photoshoot. I am so excited to show you all the amazingness I have coming. If you don't want to miss the post SIGN UP to get the newsletter and be sure you don't miss it!

Thanks for reading!




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