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3 Posing Tips for your Senior Session- Auburn, NY Senior Photos

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

When your personality meets movement, bending and artistic vision


You are nervous. How do you be yourself and get great photos and at the same time we calm? You will get told to just be yourself, BUT WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? How do you not give that weird FAKE-looking smile and see that genuine smile or laugh? How do your photographs have the ability to stand out? We will talk about that in three different posing tips that can make you feel comfortable with "posing" even before your senior session.

Tip 1: BEND IT!

If you can bend it then do so. There are several ways you can practice posing by yourself before your senior session but one of these that's important is to bend it. From head to toe. Neck, elbows, waist, knees, fingers. Often when you feel the most relaxed and comfortable is just your normal standing stance when you are with others with maybe a twist. Usually, you would lean on your back leg, and bend your front leg with your hand in your pocket right? When you have your hands at your side and not doing anything usually it's because you are uncomfortable (and it shows).

Tip 2: MOVE IT!

You can feel so awkward just standing there trying to smile for the camera. Whether your passion is to do sports, love the sand between your toes and water, or even just want to dance then do that! Maybe there's something about your personality like dancing then let's get you smiling, moving, and FEELING less awkward. So there is genuine happiness in your facial expressions. Maybe you just love music and want that on in the background to help with your movement or relax. This will get your guard down, feel more like yourself and it will show in your photographs.

Tip 3: OWN IT!

You probably are passionate about many things, so incorporate them into the photoshoot. If you love to read, bring a book, then we can make a story about it. You have a passion for music, then bring along that instrument. Are you naturally clumsy or super-shy or awkward? We will have some awkward laughs but after the weird laugh the true one will come and that's the money shot. Maybe you fall down and lay there and laugh at yourself- GREAT! BEST laugh ever captured! Maybe you have a unique ability to juggle? Or possibly you want to be artistic or create something different that you have in your head, then tell me about it at our consultation. We can make your photoshoot where you own who you are and show it through your photographs.

It may FEEL like everyone has their life figured out. Even those that think they do often change later on and THAT IS OKAY! Sadly I never had my own senior photoshoot and I also never knew what I wanted to do with my life until WAY after I graduated. It took some 10 years, trial and error, and a liberal arts degree to figure it out.

This last year before graduation is a lot about you, your accomplishments, and setting yourself up for your future. Whether your dreams are not yet discovered or whether you have known about them for a long time it doesn't matter. Be who you are, love who you are, and embrace that.

You can practice these tips in front of the mirror, with friends or by yourself. Also do not be afraid to speak up about ideas you want because you might be surprised at how both of our ideas and visions of your senior session can be amazing!

Until next time!

Thanks for reading


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