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3 Outfits You Need for Your Senior Session in Wolcott, NY

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Style Tips for Guys & Girls


Everyone has their unique style. You might love dresses, rompers, jeans, shorts, flannel, or even button-up shirts. If you feel lost on how to plan for your session- I totally get that! Here is how I can help! There are 3 main categories for both girls and guys that will show their style: Casual, Formal, and Personality. Pick 3 outfits: a casual everyday type outfit, a more formal one and then one that showcases who you are right now.

Casual Girls

So think what you like to wear on the daily. Super casual like you are going to a movie with some friends. This is everyday wear that you personally would put together. Here are some ideas for you.

  • Long sleeve shirt and a vest with your favorite pair of jeans and some knee high boots

  • Pretty flowing tank top with a pair of jean and sandals

  • A nice sweater with a tank top underneath, some jeans and some casual sneakers

  • A flowing sundress or rompers if that's your thing with sandals or go barefoot!

Casual Guys

Think about what you like to wear hanging with your bros. Something that tells others how you dress yourself doing your daily things. Here's some ideas:

  • Shorts and polo shirt and sneakers

  • T-shirt and jeans with flip flop or boat shoes

  • Nice button shirt with a t-shirt under it and jeans with sneakers

Formal Girls

Now this is the more formal look, how you might dress up for a special occasion. The look for formal attire for girls can still be a really nice pair of pants or it can mean a dress or a skirt, typically paired with more of a fancy shoe, high heel or wedges.

  • A dress with a scarf or a jacket with high heals or more a fancy shoe

  • Jeans but a more formal shirt or sweater paired with high heal shoes or boots

  • Mid-length dresses with flats or a wedge

  • A jacket and nice shirt paired with jeans or slacks with flats or high heals

Formal Guys

Formal for guys can be as fancy as a TUX or as less formal with a polo shirt. This can include more formal collared shirts, jackets and sweaters. Here are some ideas.

  • A jacket over a buttoned up shirt with dress shoes

  • A polo and jeans (or nice slacks) with non-athletic shoes

  • A button-up collared shirt with dress shoes or non-athletic shoes or boots

Personality Guys & Girls

This means it is more about something you might DO or a characteristic you love about yourself!

  • A sport related outfit like lacrosse, basketball, tennis, golf or dance outfit

  • A hobby you enjoy or a musical instrument you play

  • You love to be trendy so you pick an outfit that display who you are at this moment in time

Now STYLE accordingly

  • Plan from head to toe. Plan each outfit with everything you need. Lay out accessories like jewelry, hats, scarves, necklace, earrings the night before. To the right under garments (tank tops, etc.) to the shoes. Make sure you have everything BEFORE so you aren't missing things the day of the shoot.

  • You don't have to go buy a whole new wardrobe. Pick from the stuff you have and add to it. You can also pick several pieces and pair it with maybe one or two new items.

  • Experiment with layering. You can wear a jacket over a nice collared shirt or jean jacket over a blouse or dress. Anything from sweaters to vests or open button shirt with a layering piece under. Make sure these pieces are fitted to you, not to baggy or too tight.

  • Plan your hair, makeup and grooming. Plan our what you are going to do with your hair. Don't go wild and crazy or get the haircut the day before. Getting a haircut or color one to two week before would be ideal. Guys should trim and shave the day of the shoot but be careful not to cut yourself. A natural manicure for guys (clean under your nails and cut them back) and with color or just clear nail polish would be idea for girls.

  • Wear appropriate shoes. Make sure your shoes are clean, the right style and appropriate for the outfit.

  • Don't go CRAZY with colors. Pick a neutral in some form of your outfit and pair that with another color and or pattern. Neutrals typically are white, grey, blues or greens. Neutrals draw attention to YOU and not draw attention to the clothing first.

  • Jewelry and accessories are to compliment your outfit. A simple watch or necklace will add to the outfit and not take away or "date" your photos. However if you your outfit is neutrals and that is your statement piece then go ahead.

  • Avoid NEW and crazy makeup. Don't try a new makeup or change up how you would normally look just for your photos. Pops of color are good but you don't want to go overboard. You want to look like yourself. Lip gloss or just chapstick are great if you don't want lipstick. Be true to you.

  • Make it more personal. If you love a musical instrument, bring it. Want to remember you love books, bring a whole bunch with you. You want to include your dog- bring him! Anything that tell the story of who you are. Talk over these details with me first so I can plan.

  • Do not wear wrinkled outfits or put stuff in your pockets. Make sure you check all your clothes the night before and iron anything that needs it, then hang it up! Leave your keys, cell phone or anything else that you carry out of your pockets.

  • Relax and be yourself! These photos will be something you and others will look back on and remember. When you can relax, have fun and just be yourself that is what shines through.

What to AVOID

  • NEON colors especially for shirts. These cast colors on your face and make your coloring look off.

  • Writing or logos on your t-shirts. These detract from you and it will make people focus on those thing instead. Unless this is your personality item.

  • Be aware of distracting patterns like flannel, or large prints can detract from you.

  • Don't wear high glitter makeup. Shimmer is ok. Too much lip gloss can make you look like you are drooling

  • Guys, please don't wear tank tops

  • Don't wear clothing that is uncomfortable or overly elaborate. It will show in the photos if you are uncomfortable.

  • Don't be to shy about saying what you want or need from your photos. This photoshoot is about you!

I hope this helps you plan your senior session! Comment if you have any questions or if this helped you. If this in any way helped you, please share to someone who might need this information. I can't wait to talk to you for your senior session and plan all this with you.

Thanks for reading!


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