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Wolcott, NY's Senior Spokesmodel Team22 Glows it up!

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Spokesmodels Glow

I wanted to do something fun, colorful and LESS "Halloween traditional" for our October photoshoot. I do like scary movies, jumping out and scaring my son Asher when I get the chance but I have never been big on Halloween. Growing up it was about really getting candy, hanging out with friends, going to haunted houses or haunted hayrides or prank people. My mom was not big on celebrating "The devil's holiday" as she called it, so we always did our costumes more funny or stupid or just fun- if we even participated. So this is why I decided to go less scary & more fun.

I love INTENSE color and I thought that "HEY glow in the dark paint and makeup sounds messy and fun!"

So this is what was born out of that thought. I always love seeing colors either harmonious or opposites and seeing how they look together. So I tried many different color scenes and also added some post processing fun to it also.


She had some great ideas about her eyelashes and lips. I love what she did with the glow in the dark glitter in her hair also. She used patterns from stockings on her head too.



We started about trying to splash the paint by diluting it on the plate then fling it on the face. The result was looking like we may have murdered her so she started over and tried again. I love how she used her hand to imprint on her face. There are many colors and it looks beautiful in the blacklight.

I ended up with glow in the dark paint all over my dining room floor, at least 30 minutes for me to clean up this big mess, but I had so much fun getting these colorful shots! Plus, as always, we ate tons of yummy snacks, drank some sodas and I got to hang out and talk with my spokesmodels. I am so blessed to have them this year!

👉Have you ever wanted to do a photoshoot like this? Which one was your favorite? Comment below!

My spokesmodel team APPLICATION for girls going in to their senior year next year is opening up soon! Be sure to follow my blog by SUBSCRIBING through THIS LINK and think about applying to become a part of Spokesmodel TEAM23.

Thanks for reading!

❤️ Shanon

P.S. STAY tuned for more spokesmodel photoshoots coming up!


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