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Why You Should Join a Senior Spokesmodel Team in Wolcott, NY

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

FIVE Reasons Why Spokesmodel Teams are for You

Wolcott, NY Spokesmodels

1. The cost outweighs the benefits!

Have you thought about joining but worried it wasn't worth the cost?

  • For slightly over the cost of your LEVEL up senior portrait session (WITH extra benefits you can earn) you can get SEVERAL photoshoots throughout the year on top of your senior session

  • You receive a CASH or GIFT CARD bonus for referrals of your friends

  • Makeup Class

  • Mini Family Session

  • Best Friends Session


2. Gain Confidence

Have you ever felt awkward or not sure what to do in a photograph?

  • I teach you ways to sit, stand, lean and pose in any situation, so you feel confident

  • You won't feel like you don't know what to do in front of camera

  • Go from Awkward to Poised throughout the whole process

  • Encouraged by your other team members and see how you progress throughout the year

Glow in the dark Photoshoot

3. Be a Part of the Creative Process

Do you always wish you could be creative, have ideas in your head and want someone to listen to you?

  • We brainstorm ideas and you can help develop the photoshoots

  • You have an idea- let's see if we can make it come to life!

  • This is YOUR senior year and you should have some say in it

4. Images, Images and MORE IMAGES!

Do you wish you had fun images to share with others?

  • From every spokesmodel session you will receive images to share on social media and with your family and friends!

  • You have the chance of being in magazines, contests or other photography magazines

  • You get to document your senior year with each session and with the BEST friend and mini family session that is included

Boho Photoshoot Spokesmodel Team22

5. Exclusive

Have you ever wanted to be a part of a team that has extra benefits?

  • Apply to be a part of an exclusive set of juniors going into their senior year

  • THINK GIFTS, college incentives, rewards and new friends just for posting on social media and being a part of the team!

  • Only a limited amount of girls will be accepted on to the team

WELL how do you apply and when do applications open, you ask??

✅✅ Applications will open first to my email list several weeks before it is open to the public so it would benefit you to join my mailing list by CLICKING HERE.

✅✅ Applications will open in the beginning of 2022 for Team23. Not sure of the exact date yet but if you join my mailing list you will be the first to know!

✅✅ If you know someone who might be interested in this- send them the link.

So what is holding you back from joining my team and advertising for my business? Let me know in the comments. ASK me anything!

Thanks for reading,

❤️ Shanon


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