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Photography Scavenger Hunt for the kids and the fun grown-ups! Wolcott, NY Photography fun

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Creating fun activities in trying times to bring you closer together.

Everywhere you look and every TV you turn on you get the COVID-19 news slapping you in the face. For parents, everywhere, now is the time where you are stuck at home with your kids. We are all trying to avoid all this sickness and chaos. It is a scary time, but it also is a gift. You get the gift of time! Instead of avoiding tasks you have been putting off you can now do them. You can spend time with your kids. You GET to learn with your kids or EVEN just sit down and have dinner with your kids without rushing around! You have all these activities that have been canceled for weeks right now and all the time to fill it with. Try to look at the positive and embrace it.

You can turn this trying time around and make it a fun and learning experience for both you and your children. This photo scavenger hunt is educational and fun or just a fun break from the schoolwork and get your kids moving. So I have compiled a list of 10 photos to help you get out and about with your kids and make it physical and fun activity for them.

This activity can be done in teams (with really little ones) in the comfort of your backyard or even change these so you can do them inside if it is raining. You can use a tablet, a phone or a digital camera.

1. Take a photo of something red.

2. Take a photo of something that begins with the letter F.

3. Take a photo of something you love.

4. Take a photo of the inside of an object.

5. Take a photo of something flying.

6. Take a photo of some kind of action or movement.

7. Using only elements in nature create stick people and take a photo. (Bonus! if you can make a photo scene or story)

8. Take a photo of something you eat

9. Take a photo of something growing.

10. Take a photo of the biggest tree

Below are photos from our hunt yesterday! So you can get some ideas on what to do.

The coolest thing about this is that it gets you out of the house. It gets your kids moving, minds thinking and also it's creative and interactive. You can add more to the list or change it to your liking. Each kid can experiment with different perspectives and angles (especially if they are small). If you have really little kids you can say: "Find 4 stones and take a photo of it" so they are learning to count. Or you can say: "Find 10 stones and using the stones create the number 4 and take a photo". I am going to try and come up with some more family-friendly activities in the coming weeks that involve photography and fun. So don't miss a blog post and sign up to have them sent to your e-mail! I hope this helps you draw closer as a family in these trying times.

Also- here is link to the Facebook group page that can help with learning and fun activities for your kids while they are at home!

Thanks for reading, Shanon Tessier

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