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Children Portraits-Huckleberry Finn- Huron, NY

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Every year since Asher was born I have created some kind of photoshoot for him. I want to remember how he changed drastically from year to year because it goes by so FAST!

His first year I did a baseball theme photoshoot. Half naked, baseball cake smash! He was really wary at first but he loved eating all that frosting and still does to this day. If he can eat the frosting first, he does!

Then it was age 2. We went with a basketball-themed, half-naked and tie theme.

For his 3rd birthday, he was in an explorer, getting into all the mud he can stage (in which he really still is in!) but we did a little creek photoshoot in his everyday normal clothes.

For is 4rd birthday I got a little fancier and did a woodland series. Cute hats and suspenders, and the woods! He got to explore in the woods and be goofy.

Now for his 5th birthday I wanted something else. So we did a hucklberry finn series. My awesome brother, Matthew made this amazing raft for me and then we got all the cousins to get into it. It was about 6 hours of shooting alone but the kids were amazing and they all had a lot of fun after (there's 14 (and one new baby) cousins to photograph! Below you will see the fun photoshoot we created for the kids. There no greater joy for me to see the family and cousins grown so i want to capture that! There were so many photos but here are my favorites!

Here is the Huckleberry Finn Series! It was so fun and I have so many of each kid I wanted to post. I am proud of these. Feel free to share these!

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