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Getting to Know Your Photographer Series: Lifestyle Family Photography, Wolcott, NY

Updated: Mar 28, 2022


The Connection

lifestyle family photography

Think back to the last time that you had fun, laughed, or cried. Now think about who it was with. Maybe you were with your sister, mother, or perhaps it was your best friend? Life is about relationships. It is about how people affect your life, whether it is magic or tragic. These types of individuals have helped shape your life. These are your people! I want to show the connectedness between you and the role they play in your life. It can be heartfelt interactions including holding hands, bumping each other, dancing, or maybe just the extraordinary smile they give you.


The Playful

Imagine yourself walking on the beach holding your significant other's hand. That smile is private, uniquely for you two. He whispers something in your ear that makes you blush. Your photographer (ME!) is behind you capturing that smile that passes between the two of you. Now CUE your two kids who are laughing and playing in the water right beside them. You are all just being yourselves. Your kid's smiles are genuine. I just create playful scenarios so that reactions are natural.


The Heartfelt

You have just helped a human being enter this world. There are all sorts of emotions. Your schedule is all messed up (WHAT SCHEDULE???!?!?!). You just checked on your baby for the third time to make sure they are still breathing. This is whole-hearted, gut-wrenching love. This is nothing like you could have ever imagined. You helped create this little tiny being! Now, imagine you and your husband face each other, look at the little one and he kisses your forehead. Nothing will be the same again! Cue ME, your photographer, and I record that little exchange and heartfelt interaction. Then, you hold your little one's feet in your hands and notice how tiny their toes are. These are your real and raw emotions. It is my passion to document those heartfelt connections that I see.


The Story

Have you ever sat down by yourself and people watched? I know, NOT YOU! Indulge me for a moment. Imagine yourself sitting alone in a coffee shop. There's a steaming, hot cup O' joe in front of you. You look around and see a young guy typing on a laptop. There is an older gentleman, sitting next to the window reading a book. Then you see a middle-aged couple holding hands. The last person you see is a mom and a little girl waiting in line to order something.

Now, this is what I see: the young guy typing away is a college student. He has dark circles under his eyes because he stayed up late last night with friends. Frantically typing away, he has only an hour to go before it is due. The older gentleman by the window reading a book is an avid reader. He is engrossed in his book. This is his lunch break and only time to read because he has 7 kids at home. The middle-aged couple, holding hands, are so in love. They are smiling and looking into each other's eyes. This is the first time in a while they don't have all three of their kids asking for something at the same time. Lastly, is the mom and little girl. The little girl is crying. The mom is just trying to keep it together long enough to sigh into her coffee for some much-needed caffeine. Now, why are these stories important? We all have a story. Life can be frantic, blissful, or frustrating. Maybe ALL AT THE SAME TIME! I hope to tell the story of your family, in whatever stage it may be in.

Why it Matters

I want to get to know you and your family. Telling me about your family's likes or dislikes helps me in deciding which setting is the best fit for you. For example, I would suggest a park, an easy hike, or the beach if your kids need to move around. If your whole family despises nature then we could do a photoshoot near buildings, structures, art, or maybe even a library. I want this whole experience to be about you and your family with a personal touch. I want you to feel the love that I see. Every emotional picture that I take is powerful. Playfulness helps create natural expressions in everyone. Each person is different in how they react and therefore each playful session is unique. Your life is different than another family's life, why should your photos all be the same? Your life and your story matter to me. This is my heart for you and your family.

Thanks for reading,

Shanon Tessier

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