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What is a Boutique Photographer and how does that translate to me? |Wolcott, NY|

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Okay, I have a question for you. Did you hire a photographer and you just get digital files? How long before you printed them out? After your session, you are so excited, you LOVE your photos and

are going to print them out. Time passes, 6 months pass, maybe even a year passes. Your digital files are in the twilight zone of your computer or on your phone and nothing has been printed or hung up anywhere in your house. You want to get an update on your family photos for this year, but you haven't even got your last year's photos printed. You are frustrated with yourself.

I've BEEN THERE. I am there at this moment. I had my family session done last October and this is what happens. Currently, I am in the process of ordering the interchangeable wall art for my wall of pictures that were taken 6 MONTHS AGO. UGH! You get stuck trying to figure it all out, lose track of time, and those amazing photos you loved 6 months to a year ago. So they stay hidden on your computer or phone. My joy is to guide you through the process of what is BEST for you and your family. Together, we figure out what types of photos you love based on what kind of products you like to display in your home. I walk through this WHOLE PROCESS with you from start to finish.

What Products you Prefer

Some people have a particular spot they love or a way to arrange their photos. Maybe you are a lover of all things canvas, or maybe you have a particular picture shelf that you put framed photos on. Maybe you love to display your family's story in the form of an album on your coffee table? Maybe you are at the point where you have NO CLUE and need help. This is where I come in and rescue you! I can take your unique ideas of what you want and make them a reality.

Where Should Products Go? What type are you?

So you haven't displayed your photographs before or are not sure where to put your artwork. That is OK. I refinished our living room and it's been almost a year and I only have a few on display. I can be indecisive at times too. There is NO wrong WAY to do it. Just be intentional about it. Together we figure out how you want to display your artwork.

Type 1: The Frameologist

So you love to display photos in frames. You like a lot in one large frame or a couple of special ones on display. You are all about the classic look and like things looking pulled together, neat and tidy. You are more of a minimalist type personality and prefer things to be simple. I would recommend these custom made items. You can pick 3 or 9 photos and the frame that suits who you are. These are custom layouts that you can have made with the frame you have in mind. It is a no fuss, easy and simple option.

Type 2: The Matchy Matchy

So you want a photo wall but everything has to match. You use the same types of frames and need photos to fit the size in the exact place you have them. My recommendation for you would be either my archivable photographs or if you want a little more options, consider the Photographic Prints on Styrene. Styrene is a plastic substrate that will not warp. It is only 3mm so it can fit into frames BUT are firm enough to stand to be in a stand or a picture shelf. So if you ever change out those frames to update your photos you can just buy a little stand and put it on a desk, coffee table, or side table. Also, these make great gifts for people. They are so versatile!

Type 2: The Eclectic Mixer

So you love diversity, encouraging words, plants, artwork, or just different colors. You have a hard time choosing between so many styles so you don't. You put everything up there and mix and match it. My recommendation for you would be the Interchangeable Wall Art displays. They are a collection of photos that appear to float on the wall. You can seamlessly mix in these wall displays as a group or even by themselves, separated if you prefer. The amazing aspect about these displays is that it comes with everything you need to put it up. You do not HAVE to measure or figure out where you are going to put the holes and if it will line up with your other photos. It comes with the template to put it up, the grid of pegs to hold the photos, and a drill bit! They come with little cardboard stands in case you ever decide to change them out in the future. Once this is up on your wall you can mix other styles or plants, wall art, or more in the middle of it or around it.

Type 3: The Storyteller

So you love to take out your books to show your family or friends your latest adventure when they come over. You might not want to or don't have time to hang photos up on the wall. Maybe you like more photos and want to show off that beach session anytime. My recommendation for you would be the Lay-flat Premium Albums. You can store these anywhere. On your bookshelves in your rooms, on a table, or just in a closet to bring out when you want to share how much fun your family had at your session. These albums have these thick, true lay-flat pages with beautiful full-page layouts with options for cover choices and photo cover combinations. You can get them embossed with your family or your high school senior's name and the date also.

Type 4: The Bigger the Better

Jigsaw Canvas Wraps

So you like BIG family photos. Go big or go home is your motto! You have that large space over your mantle or a wall where your artwork stands for itself. You like lightweight and large displays in specific areas where you always have displayed them. You like clean, simple and large. My recommendation would be LUX canvases. You might want one large canvas or a couple in a collection because you prefer the large scale. The canvas texture is your preference and you prefer to display your artwork in this way.

Type 5: The Combo

So you want a combination of products. You're the type of person that wants it all. You want something to have, to look at, and to give away. I can help you with all three! You might want a book for your home to always be able to look back on the session, but then also a couple of photo favorites from the session for your wall. Or you might want only a collection for the wall and then some photographs to give to a grandparent or relative. Then again you might want to frame some prints, have a book, and one large canvas. These combinations will be different depending on the person and that is what I can guide you to help you decide.

Type 6: The Dazed & Confused

So you have no clue. Decorator is not in your vocabulary. You would like to have more of a direction on where to go. Or you may want a combination of items best to suit what you have in mind but are not sure how to go about it. You have some photos displayed but maybe you want something big or small. Whatever your preferences are, I can help you with all of that! I can help you with measurements and try to help you envision what it will look like on your wall.

What I as a Boutique Photographers do for You

My whole photography experience is geared towards make your life easier. I take the guess work out of ordering and displaying your artwork. You don't have to worry about the quality of the product because I guarantee that! I also want you not to be sad you didn't get those photographs printed until a year later. I hope to make your boutique experience, from beginning with our first call with session tips to the end with you receiving your artwork, seem-less, worry-free, and beautiful.

👉So what type of are you? Leave me a comment about what type of artwork you love to display and why?

❤️Also, feel free to contact me if this sounds like something you would love for your own family.

Thank for reading!



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