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Top 5 Reasons for After-session Ordering Appointment- Photographer in Wolcott, NY

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Why should you meet with your photographer after your photo session? GREAT question! Photographers put so much blood, sweat, and tears into your photo session! OK, so that might be a little over-dramatic. However, a lot of time and effort goes into the session from start to finish. In the following post, we will explore why after-session orderings appointments are beneficial for you.

Professional Help in the Picture and Product Decisions

We have all been there. Imagine that you love all of the photos and want to print them all but have no idea how to get what you want. I am here to help. If you feel overwhelmed in the choosing process and have no idea what to do then I can help. I can give you my professional opinion and make it personal to your preferences and what you need. I can custom make products or designs that fit your needs. We can talk over what you have in mind and I can personally give you examples and options that best fit for you individually.

I have two templates that are specific for only Shanon Tessier Photography. You pick the photos and the frame you want. This is a framed 10x20 ready to hang! Called Collect All 3!

Another great option is called 9 is FINE! This custom framed template is a 16x20 and 9 photos you chose!

You Feel Clueless

You may have certain wall space or an area in your home but have no clue how to display your photographs. I would love to help you with that! If you are drawn to certain products, for example, a canvas or you want a collage of pictures, then I can help you plan for that also. We can explore options in your house. We can pick out the size and photos for the product you choose to display your happy memories. Let me be a professional guide to help you.

Your Files Get Lost in Cyber-space

I can personally attest to photos never getting printed, staying on your computer as files and no one ever really sees them. You are sad they don't get the proper displays. Let me help you keep your memories of that time alive on your wall, in books or other products. If you just get files, you will get busy, life will take over and they will just be that, lost files that never get printed. Let me help you change that.

High-Quality Products that are Professionally Printed

I have gotten so many low-quality prints from many places. When you order with me it will be on professional-grade photo papers that are printed by professional photography labs. Each product is guaranteed and dropped off by me. I want you to love and be happy with the products you are buying. I want you to smile every time you look at that beautiful picture of your family, senior, baby, or loved one.

An Ordering Session Completes the Photography Experience

Having your family photos done is a personal experience. Why shouldn't the WHOLE PROCESS be personal too? I want to help you choose pictures, products, or help you design where to put your photos when you are done. Additionally, I am right there to answer if there are issues or questions about your photos or session. That way you won't have to play phone or e-mail tag, or text back and forth. This completes the process for not only you but for me as a photographer. When you see your photos it is a joy to see your face. I want to be with you through the whole process, from start to finish.

Thanks for reading!

Shanon Tessier

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