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Dog treats that a sustainable and Healthy- Businesses in Wolcott, NY

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Meet Julie- Wolcott, NY's Owner of Dough Faced Dog Treats

a headshot photos of owner Julia
Julia, Owner of Dough Face Dog Treats, Wolcott, NY

So I have done a couple lifestyle brand photography sessions photoshoots and I love them! My latest one, is an amazing business owner and I had the pleasure of getting to know her and her dogs. Meet the face behind the "Homemade dog treats. Real ingredients. Baked to order." as her slogan on her website says here: Dough Face Dog Treats!

She's a local business owner here in Wolcott, NY. She has two beautiful dogs, Puck and Gambol. When I first met Puck and Gambol they were all over me, as dogs usually are when they meet someone new, but they were so SWEET! Their coats of fur are so shiny and soft! After chatting with Julia I could tell she cared so much about her dogs health, sustainability and what ingredients goes into each and every one of her dog treats. Even the bag the treats come in are able to be composted! Both dogs could not get enough of the treats when we fed them during the photoshoot too.

The ingredients for her dough treats are either locally sources within 20 minutes of her location or she grows them in her gardens in her backyard as seen below. As you walk around her property you see chickens, large gardens, apple trees and many ingredients that go into her dog treats. She grows these ingredients so she know that the quality of these treats she gives you for your dog are a locally grown, sourced and fresh!

A basket full of freshly picked mint
Lemon Balm locally grown in her yard for her dog treats

A chicken coup
Her chicken coup she has in her backyard

Julia clipping mint for her dough face dog treats!
Julia harvesting some fresh ingredients for her dog treats

Julia with her two dogs, Puck and Gambol
Puck, Julia and Gambol (left to right)

So meet her inspiration behind her great treats: Puck and Gambol! Puck is on the left and Gambol is on the right. I can't get over how beautiful Gambol's eyes are in the up close photo! Aren't they freaking adorable???!!

Locally sourced products like apples, eggs, mint, lemon balm and parsley are just some of the ingredients that go into each dog treat. She can customize some dog treats if your dog has a birthday too! She can spell out their name, add some peanut butter (as frosting) for the top and you can give them to your dog as a special treat.

If I had a dog I definitely would buy some of these dog treats! I see how much of her heart & soul goes into a treat that she wholeheartedly cares about. You can see her at many farmer's markets, her dog treats are even sold at Sodus Feeds and Needs, local here in Wolcott at Wayside farms, or you can order some online HERE!

I believe we should support local people or there won't be this amazing fresh and locally sources products out there. So if you get a chance stop and say hi to her and buy some of her treats at the farmer's market or support her by following her on either or these social media venues and share!

You can follow along with her new ideas and products on Instagram or Facebook.

Thanks for reading,

❤️ Shanon


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