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Maternity Fine Art & Lifestyle Family Photography Session: Rainbow Baby- Fair Haven Beach State Park

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

I'm sitting here on a Park bench watching my little Asher play. He should have a 3-year-old brother Arlo to play with today. Instead, he's staying 6 feet apart and trying to play with other kids. It's sad for many reasons right now but infant loss is something people forget, don't know enough about, or just don't know what to say.

Before losing Arlo I would have been awkward and would not have wanted to bring up infant loss myself. However, having lived through it and dealing with grief I love to talk about him. It reminds me he was here, he was handsome with all his flaws and birth defects and he was mine here on earth briefly. I've come to understand the joy, pain, and grieving of infant loss. Hopefully, through my own pain, I can help others in the process, somehow in some small way.

This maternity session is probably one of my favorites for many reasons. I love to experiment, I love trying something new and this is also going to be my little rainbow baby nephew that's in that beautiful belly. It makes it special. Noelle and Nic have also known infant loss. They have 11 kids total only 3 of them are in heaven and 8 are here on earth. Crazy 8 she will tell you. I know Noelle would tell you big family life is messy, sleep-deprived, and never-ending. She will also tell you it's beautiful, love-filled, and full of adventure. The craziness of it all with never outweigh the love they have for each other and I love that. So enjoy these photos celebrating that little life inside because you don't know how long you might have with them. ❤️

Thanks for reading,

Shanon Tessier

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