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Three Ways to Make A Session Memorable and Fun! |Auburn, NY|

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Valentine's Day Session at Historic Grounds Coffee & Hoopes Park, Auburn, New York.

A couple getting cozy in Historic Grounds Coffee in Auburn, NY
Kissing her forehead at Historic Grounds Coffee

#1. Pick a location that means something to you or a place that is different!

Lilly contacted me about doing a session for her and her boyfriend for Valentine's Day. I was FREAKING excited about this! I contacted the owner, Shannon at Historic Grounds Coffee in Auburn, NY right off a Genesse street. Shannon was super sweet, accommodating and gave us FULL ACCESS to the coffeeshop for an hour if we needed it. She offers breakfast, lunch, pastries, coffee, lattes, and other beverages. That day she even had apple crisp make fresh for you while you wait!

I suggested this location because it is cozy, you can interact with each other and drink coffee or smoothies at the same time. When choosing a photoshoot location, choose one that is an acitivity you like to do together or even a location that means a lot to you.

So I suggested this location, PLUS I've always wanted to do a coffeehouse type photo session and this was my chance!

I had been across from this coffeeshop about two years prior and thought this location was spectacular! From the amazing lighting from the windows to the beverages, and food looked delicious so I kept it in the back of my mind for a perfect session for a couple.

This small, cozy and delicious cafe was perfect for it! They have a couple tables near the window and some couches and chairs also. Definitely give this place a look into if you haven't gone there before. They serve breakfast, lunch, desserts and coffee. I definitely will be back!


#2: Make it fun and about you!

So think about what you like to do. Do you both love outdoors, dogs, coffee, goofing around, reading together, cozying up or drinking hot cocoa? How about feeding ducks, skating, or hiking? Think about what you like to do together and then we can go from there. It can be a unique photo session just for you both.

Hoopes Park in Auburn, NY is an amazing spot for walking, ice skating in cold winter months, feeding the ducks, movies in the park in the summer, and for people to take their dogs for a walk. You could do a picnic session, ice skating session, or just a fun walk around the park with the dog you love.

A couple tickling each other at hoops park, Auburn, NY
Hoopes Park, Auburn, NY

Posing doesn't have to be stiff and awkward either. I had Lilly jump on Blake's back and had them walking a lot. You look and smile your best when you are looking at the ones you love. I love to make my couples move so this next sequence was making Lilly jump on Blake's back. I always get these huge grins and genuine smiles! This also helps both me and the people I am photographing get the blood flowing in really cold weather.


#3: Pick a theme and run with it!

A couple Laying down on a blanket head to head at Hoopes Park, Auburn, NY
Laying down in the snow on a blanket at Hoopes Park, Auburn, NY

It doesn't have to be about Valentines day or a holiday but you can do any type of theme, but it can be.

Bring a prop or anything that might be fun to do or play with like roses, a blanket, a sled, or your dog.

A couple hugging and kissing to stay warm at Hoopes Park in Auburn, NY
Hugging to stay warm

With Lilly and Blake for Valentines day, we did a blanket so they could keep warm a little and also Blake bought some roses so we could experiment and have fun with them. Don't be afraid to try something different or to ask your photographer for ideas.

I felt kind of bad taking apart all the roses but we had fun throwing up the roses and getting this last photo. I think it was worth it. What do you think?

Rose Petals and snow sparkle the air.
Throwing up rose petals at Hoopes Park, Auburn, NY

So the next time you are dreading a photoshoot and want to do something different, talk to your photographer about ideas. They usually have ideas floating through their heads or they can help come up with an idea that is specific to you and your personality. It is always fun to try new things and be creative. The creative process is what fuels me!

In the comments tell me what photoshoot you have always wanted to do?

Thanks for reading,

❤️ Shanon

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