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The Secret to Staying Warm During A Winter Photoshoot- Oswego, NY- Maternity Photography

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Visible and Hidden layers

There are several ways to use layers to your advantage when doing a fall or winter photoshoot. The trick is not to bulk up where it will make you look larger than you really are. THINK thin layering. These thin layers will give you warmth without the added extra bulk. Then there's the hidden clothing or items that will also help you stay cozy during your photoshoot. It will keep you and your family from becoming uncomfortable, or feeling like an icile during your photoshoot.

1. Wear a collar shirt or long-sleeved shirt under a sweater. It gives you thin layers but keeps you warm at the same time without adding excessive bulkiness to your body. This is a great option if you don't want a jacket in your photos but still want to stay warm.

2. Wear a Jacket. The idea with the use of jackets or outer coats is not to use puffy outerwear. Instead, use a thin coat, or a thicker coat with belts or the seaming on the jacket that accentuates your figure. It won't add more bulk to your frame and will actually draw attention to your waist and will look amazing in photos. For guys, they can use a suit coat for added warmth.

3. Wear a dress. If you have a really long dress that isn't see-through you can wear not so cute warm boots or even pretty boots underneath to stay warm. In cold weather another option is sweater dresses. On top of that you can pair either of the dresses with higher boots or leggings. These will add an extra layer of warmth without the extra bulk.

4. Wear a scarf. These are blanket scarves that are warmer and slightly bulky. However, these scarves pair well with a jacket or even a nice sweater to keep you extra warm. Even if you wear a thinner scarf, it will keep your neck and your face a little warmer than if you didn't have it on.

5. Wear leggings. You can wear leggings under your jeans for added warmth. The leggings are thin enough to add warmth but you don't see the bulk under your pants. Leggings under a shorter dress or even a sweater dress can make all the difference!

6. Wear a sweater, jeans, and boots. If you going for a casual look and are not into many layers, go simple. This option works especially well for men. Usually they will have these item of clothing already in their closet and won't have to buy something new. For woman, if you wanted to get something new then pick a sweater, your favorite pair of jeans, and then maybe buy a new pair of boots. This will also give you an excuse to go shopping but not spend a lot.

7. Accessories. It's winter so wearing hats, gloves, scarves, and thick socks are completely authentic and can be necessary. If you don't have thick socks then wearing two layers of socks helps you keep those toes toasty. It is especially helpful if it keeps you and your loved ones from complaining and being uncomfortable. Another item that can be a cute accessory can be a warm winter blanket. It is whimsical and cozy but just make sure it goes with your clothing or is neutral.

8. Wear some hotties. You can buy hand, feet, or toe warmers for your clothing. The trick is to put them in places where it won't stick out or people won't realize they are there. Try putting hand warmers in your jacket pocket, gloves, in your boots, or even taped under your dress to your legs if that helps!

What is most important is for you to feel completely warm and comfortable in what you have on. If you don't feel good in what you are wearing it will show in your photos. As I have stated there are many different combinations of what to wear to keep you warm. If you need more outfit inspirations, you can look at my Pinterest board for outfit ideas. Also check out my other linked blog posts about tips for color coordinating outfits for your family and how to have a successful photo session!

I hope these tips helped! If you have any additional ideas to keep yourself warm during a photoshoot, please feel free to comment!

Thanks for reading,

Shanon Tessier


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