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Tesfaye- Senior Guy Session, hiking, sports, and Senior Portraits! |Pixley Falls State Park|

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

STP Senior Portrait Photographer| Central NY Seniors | Tesfaye

I love to hike and this day was no exception! I met Tesfaye and his family at Pixley Falls State Park in Booneville, NY. There were SO many places to stop and take photos at so we took out time hiking through the trails and falls areas. There's bridges, winding trails, small and a big waterfall to go through.

I have so much respect and admiration for Tesfaye, but also his parents, Jen and Ray. I had the honor to take photos of their new family after the adoption of Tesfaye several years ago and then was blessed that they chose me to take his senior photos from this year. What touched my heart even more is when we went to dinner after his photoshoot and I had my son with us. Tesfaye was super patient with him and played with him while we were waiting for our food. He is such a sweet kid!

When I asked him what his favorite high school memory so far was he said,

"When I scored a goal in soccer with a bicycle kick, but then the ref didn’t count it because he called it a 'high kick dangerous play.'"

If you are friends with Tesfaye people would describe him as, antisocial, funny and athletic. Soon he will be off to a new chapter in his life at after graduating from Oneida High School, Congratulations TESFAYE on your upcoming graduation and following graduation when you join the Army and serve out country. I have no doubt that you will be amazing with this next challenge in your life.


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