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Hey, I'm Shanon! 


Families, from newborns to seniors are my passion! I believe family is so important and is perfect just the way they are. I want you to remember those little feet or that goofy grin from your loved but also the connection between your family. Every person and family dynamic is different but the one thing we all have is love. I have a preschooler myself, so sitting still is not something that happens too often. I can capture your amazing kid's personality, naturally, with my easy-going style using creative play and direction. Don't be surprised when I fall over objects, or to climb trees while photographing you, just to capture it! 


You know that feeling when yourself looking through family photos and realize you missed a couple of years and didn't get your son's crazy colic? Now you just wish you had gotten those goofy photos and just embraced the imperfections. Whether it is the comfort of your own home or in nature, I want to serve you. My hope is together we can capture the art that is your family.


What are you waiting for? Let me help you tell your story about how Lizzie chopped her hair off with scissors.  

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